Designing emotions + experiences into the event to amplify brand and audience engagement


Technology Platform Partner Event Marketing Team



This event brings Tech, Sales and Marketing Training event for their partners.  This is a massive global event and the previous formats have been very successful.  The marketing team did not want to rest on their laurels and was looking for ideas to up the overall event experience to another level for all their audiences.



As strategy lead, I facilitated a series of workshops with the Client Services and Creative Team to understand the stakeholders' objectives and needs of the three different types of event audiences. 

Using various tools in a workshop, we analysed the feedback of the event, developed the audience persona and understand their pain and gain during the events and clarified the behaviour and emotions that need to be designed into the event.  

We then ideate the elements of the physical structures to be designed into the event to elicit the required emotions at the end of the event. 


We organised a subsequent workshop with the client to present our ideas and distilled them to a creative concept - Dynamic Learning.  With the creative concept identified, we re-worked the audience event journey and identified the "moments that matter" to ensure the event space will be designed to create those high-low moments.




The Creative Team mocked up a mood board of the creative concept and then bring it to life by embedding the new design elements into a 2D view of the venue. The client was delighted with the Dynamic Learning concept and design process and asked the team to hold a similar ideation and concept workshop with their other regional event organisers.



Stakeholder analysis, Discovery session, Persona & empathy mapping, customer journey mapping