Developing a new value proposition: Clienteling service model using the womenswear personal styling services


John Lewis Department Store



John Lewis wanted to use omnichannel clienteling services and personalisation to enhance customer experience and provide a point of differentiation for the brand. They wanted to understand what is the “clienteling” value proposition and how it could look like and how it could scale. 



Working closely with the Retail Strategy and Technology Team, we defined "what is clienteling" and what would it mean for the customer, the partners, online and offline channels.  I ran a series of clienteling discovery workshops and together the team identified that the Womenswear Personal Styling services would have the greatest benefits from a clienteling service framework.  I then work with the Womenswear Team, the Styling Team, and Retail Store Team to understand the customer’s persona and job-to-be-done as well as the Partner’s pain and gains and their journey to deliver this service.  


Two prototypes were developed to illustrate the journey and service functionality -  a womenswear Personal Styling App and Partner App.  The prototypes were tested with the Personal Styling Team at the flagship store.  The test results and store feedback were then presented to the senior retail team.



The research and all findings were used to improve current Personal Styling services and to modify the womenswear sizing functionality on the e-commerce site to help reduce return.  



Discovery sessions, Persona & empathy mapping, customer journey mapping, prototyping and testing.


Redesigning the event to amplify the brand and change audience behaviours.