Designing new beauty retail concept to engage a younger customer segment


Marks and Spencer



M&S was looking to grow in the skincare and colour cosmetics categories and using this category to attract a younger customer segment.  They were in the middle of digital transformation and it was key to design a customer journey allowing a smooth transition between the online customer experience and driving footfall into the offline stores.




As Business Lead, I ran a series of workshops to clarify the business objectives and customer persona to understand how the younger female engage with colour cosmetics and skincare products.  This included a series of interviews with buyers and also target customers to gauge their attitudes and behaviour towards current beauty tools.  From these user research sessions, seven digital beauty concepts were created and then voted down to two key solutions with the category and development team. They were the Virtual Beauty Makeover and Skincare Guided Selling Tools.


A high-level customer journey was mapped out and the business case was developed to pitch to the M&S senior stakeholders.



The Steering Committee approved the two digital tools for pilot testing in three London Stores.  



Persona & empathy mapping, customer journey mapping, ideation sessions, affinity mapping, business modelling and ROI analysis.

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