Be part of your product and marketing team to build a new product and service concept 


Ideation is a very important part of the thinking and innovation process.  It is a structured brainstorming process to generate ideas and concepts to solve specific problems.

How we help

We know that you and your team have in-depth knowledge, insights and great ideas.  We harness those assets through a sequence of specific exercises where we guide your multi-disciplinary team through:


  • Divergent thinking to generate as many ideas as possible

  • Filter and select the possible solutions and

  • Vote and explore the most suitable solution(s) in a more in-depth way.


By the end of the session, your team will feel empowered to innovate and excited about the opportunities ahead.



New product development cycles can take months, at times years. The design sprint process can shorten the concept development phase by at least half.   


Design sprint is an agile and collaborative approach to create new products and services, then test and validate immediately with target customers.  In a short period of time - 5 days, we can know if the new idea is desirable, profitable and feasible.

How we help

This is a highly structured and time-boxed 5- day innovation sprint cycle which consists of the following:

  • Discovery & Research

  • Concept development and review

  • Develop prototype for testing

  • Test and validate with target customers

  • Iterate