Supporting your strategy and innovation team to find opportunities and define the action plan


Helping to align the company and clarify on the right problem to solve before thinking about the solutions. This ensures the team is solving a problem that the market cares.

How we help

 We guide your team through 3 key areas to discover and define the problem that you should solve for.

The key areas are:

  1. Business Context and background

  2. Understand the job-to-be-done by the target customer

  3. Clarify and prioritise the opportunities and areas 


Business proposition design looks at whether the new innovative idea is both desirable for the user and will support the company commercial goals.  This will confirm if the new proposition is solving customer pain and has good market potential.

How we help

We use frameworks and exercises adapted from the Business Model Canvas and the Lean Startup model.


We start with understanding the customer needs and the market context, then validate the problem and market fit and we model the business potential.